My story is a testimony to the fact that following the steps outlined above will bring you one step closer to getting out of your own way where finding your needle in a haystack is concerned. Even if this guy doesn’t turn out to be “my needle”, he has definitely left me with nothing more to complain about. If someone asks me, “So? Have you met anyone yet?”…I’ll giggle and politely answer, “I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you. Did you see how much snow was out there today?”…hee hee…Cause though I’m sharing this with you because I think you may need to hear it, it is really no one’s business at this point! I’ll be sure to call everyone who is desperate to hear my sarcastic comeback under the guise of wanting the best for me, when I’ve gotten married in Tahiti! I’m certain that most of them will be utterly disappointed that my story has ended…but it will only be just beginning!